Update roofs and soffits
Posted on October 20, 2022 10:30 AM by Rita Nemeth
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Welcome All,
 We all have questions on how quickly can we get our repairs done. Since we are an HO3 community, the repairs fall on each individual owner. This makes it quite difficult since we have connecting units. It is always advisable to get 2nd estimates for any repairs that you do. We have 2 types of roofs: the standing seam which are on the older units and 5vcrimp which Horton put in. As I understand it, the Standing Seam can without a higher wind damage than the 5V Crimp one. 
Soffit repairs: The board is suggesting temporary fixes for soffits until they decide which is the best. This should happen very soon.
If anyone has good roofing companies or construction companies that they would recommend, I will gladly post them on the website.
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