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Board Meeting Agenda for August 28, 2021
Call Meeting to Order
Establish a Quorum
Proof of Notice of Meeting
Approval of Minutes (7-17-21)
President's Remarks & Update
Unfinished Business
      DR Horton-General Update
      Tif Turf Sod
      Soffit & Fascia Repairs
      Pre-2010 A/C Deck Repairs
New Business
      Fines and Violations
Next Meeting, September 25, 2021
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The Landings held a clubhouse meeting on Saturday, April 24,2021 at 8:33am
The Board approved reopening of the clubhouse.
Board approved the bid to replace lighting and plant magnolia trees for $3315.
Approval for replacement of lights and fixtures on original buildings for $5262. and not to exceed $8,000.
Approved for multiple surge protectors for heaters @ $2763.
Approval of chair people for committees
Finance: Phoebe Blackburn, Bob Porter
Hearing: Frank Grimaldi, Jamie Ascher
Landscape: Al Nemeth, Tony Gentile
Social: Amber Alagna,
Webpage: Rita Nemeth
Long Range Planning: Mary Lou Gibson, John Gaffny
Please send to Sherry Danko Your Property Insurance Declarations Page
The Landings is pursuing D.R.Horton for issues regarding  i.e.drainage, roadway retention walls and incomplete work
If you are a new home owner and are having difficulties with warranties from Horton, contact Melissa Alagna, Unit 131
The pool is open from Dawn to Dusk. As of today, that is from 6:39am to 8:11pm. Even though we are a private pool, we are considered a public pool, thus we must follow Florida guidelines in maintaining our pool. As much as it would be fun to have night time swimming, we have to keep in mind, that the pool would be lit up like a football field, insurance and liability would increase greatly, the noise level for surrounding neighbors would be intolerable, and the mosquitos would eat you alive! We also ask that when you are at the pool there may be no containers, (sealed or not) within 4ft. of the pool deck. This is a Florida rule. Please respect it.
Also, please keep in mind that we all want to enjoy the pool. So use your ear pods when listening to music, do not conduct business calls when others are close to hearing you, no football playing if others are in the pool, no eating or glass containers around the pool deck and please place back the pool furniture if you used it. 
The gym bike was replaced. The Board is looking into fixing and/or replacing pool furniture.
The roof entrance at the clubhouse is to be repaired.
A non slippery coating was applied at the north side of the pool by the bathrooms.
The fountain motor was damaged because of a power surge, a new motor should be arriving soon.
Please remember to clean out your drier vents. Ace can do this, or you can find kits at Lowes or Home Depot to do it yourselves.
The artificial turf that was installed in front of Unit 81 was the wrong one!
The Board is looking to purchase gravel for the 2nd kayak launch between Units 120-121
It has become a serious problem that owners are taking it upon themselves to cut trees and vegetation behind their buildings! Please read your documents! You technically own 6" around your building and not allowed to trim, or cut anything down. 
Meeting was adjourned at 9:47am.
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This is the unofficial account of the board meeting held March 25, 2021
Deb Deasy spoke first.  She had questions regarding votes that were not valid, replacement of weather vanes, garage lights, and corrections to the past board minutes. 
The minutes to the last board minutes were approved and Len Revoir, our president, thanked Dick Ayres for his dedication for serving on the Board these past 4 years.
Bob Barker will be replacing Dick on the Board.
Although speeding has slowed down in our neighborhood, there are still a few who go past the speed limit. If this not check itself, there may be speed bumps added to the roads.
Committee reports:
In our original documents, The Landings has a permit to put in a kayak launch between Units 120 and 121. This permit has not expired and the grasses were mowed by the Landscaping Crew for a 2nd access to Coral Creek. They are hoping to add gravel down this path much like the golf path between Units 12 +13. 
The multistage irrigation pump has  been installed.
Irrigation and 120  bushes will be installed next along the fence line.
Artificial turf will be placed in front of Unit 81 for owners to decide if that is what they would want in the front of their homes in the future.
Fountain replacement should be in 2 weeks.
Phoebe Blackburn spoke for the finance committee. They are on track and are looking for one more member to join them.
New Business :
Home owners were encourage to sign up for committees. There will be a new committee titled: Long Range Planning
Rollover of monies
Please remember that there is no food, drink, or furniture to be placed within a 4 ft distance from the pool due to Florida Law.
Marcia Penz replaced Dale from D.R. Horton
Debbie Gentile presented The Board with the survey results.
A question was asked if it was allowable to put a 3mm window tinting on our townhomes to cut down on heat loss.
Owner comments:
Donna Davis would like more benches. 
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Dear Members,
We have received a request from our mail carrier. If you are leaving for the season or having your mail forwarded, that you leave a note inside your box indicating when you are leaving and when you will return. This will alleviate mail accumulating inside your box.  This also applies to homeowners who are selling or just moving in to add their names inside the mailbox.
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The Annual Board Meeting took place on March 25, 2021 at 10:am at the Clubhouse and via phone.
Last years minutes were approved.
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March 12, 2021 Friday
Hello Home Owners,
Just thought I would update you on some happenings at The Landings.
The Annual Board Meeting is scheduled for March 25, 2021.  Len Revoir, John Mancuso, and Dick Ayres' positions were up. Len and John decided to run again, and Bob Barker submitted his application to run for the Board. Since no one else applied, there was no need to send out ballots.
Shrubbery, irrigation, and the 5 stage pump are due to be installed this week. The a/c is being worked for the workout room.