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Hurricane Ian has put us all in a precarious situation.  Roofers are telling us different stories. If you have had a structural engineer out, please contact us. If you've had a different roofer than Linear, again please forward their information. Colonial Roofing has been doing temporary soffit repair work on some of the buildings. 
If you have a construction company here that you trust, please share that information.
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Welcome All,
 We all have questions on how quickly can we get our repairs done. Since we are an HO3 community, the repairs fall on each individual owner. This makes it quite difficult since we have connecting units. It is always advisable to get 2nd estimates for any repairs that you do. We have 2 types of roofs: the standing seam which are on the older units and 5vcrimp which Horton put in. As I understand it, the Standing Seam can without a higher wind damage than the 5V Crimp one. 
Soffit repairs: The board is suggesting temporary fixes for soffits until they decide which is the best. This should happen very soon.
If anyone has good roofing companies or construction companies that they would recommend, I will gladly post them on the website.
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Unofficial Board of Directors Meeting Summary
January 29, 2022
Meeting was Called to Order and a Quorum was established.
Proof of Notice of Meeting was met.
Minutes were approved
Temporary Board Vacancy was filled by Bruce Compton in Unit 101
President’s Remarks:
Repairs need to be done to some retaining walls, drainage areas, a fire box, and a pool heater. 
*Sherry Danko and Jim Ellashek will be meeting with Reclimate for an estimate on sealing our streets
*Five new chaise lounges will be purchased for the pool area.
*The shortened and condensed version of our rules and rental agreement of the clubhouse are being revised. Once approved, owners will receive copies and will also be able to access these documents online. We also hope that owners will take the time to read the full governing documents.
Committee Reports:
Long Range Planning: Mary Lou Gibson
Flagpole has been installed, a Landing’s flag with also be flown along with our nations flag
Committee is asking for a purchase of 4 benches, and that landscaping should be placed around the mailboxes. 
Are looking into whether the Landings should be pooling monies or using the straight-line method for our reserve monies
Web page/ directory Rita Nemeth
A copy of our directory can be emailed to you upon request, We encourage everyone to register for access to The Landings website: ( to catch up on the latest happenings
Cameras/ Pool: John Mancuso
One pool heater has stopped functioning, fortunately it is under warranty and will be replaced. The landings will have to pay for labor.
Landscaping: Al Nemeth
The gas valve for the fireplace has been located and the fireplace will be checked and functioning in time for Super Sunday. Lightning Rods are being installed to prevent blowouts for the sprinkling system, the landscape team has been power washing out at the gates. There are a few traveler palms that were planted too close the homes and need to be removed. An attempt will be made to replant them.
We thank our volunteer members, Al Nemeth, Tony Gentile, Ed Morton, Dave Gibson, Ken Kerr, and John Gafney for the hours they give back to the community.
Social: Amber Revegno
Last Thursday’s Trivia night was enjoyed by many members of the community. 
The men and women were pitted with a variety of questions. Ultimately, the women won by .75% Look for pictures on the web page.
Upcoming events:
Feb. 10: Chile Cookoff
Feb. 13 Super Bowl Party
Feb. 20 Under the Big Top
Please sign up at the clubhouse
Look for more information? Please visit our website.
Hearing: Frank Grimaldi 
A unit had rented there premises for one week. No fines will be attached at this time. Please remember, owners are only allowed to rent by the month, with a no pet policy.
Legal: Melissa Alagna   nothing to report 
Windstorm Damage
Many units have had soffits blown out, facia board and a shutter were also victims of this storm. 
The Board Approved Galloway Roofing to complete repairs to the units that were damaged. Each unit that had been affected will need to pay for this damage. 
Gutters will also be repaired. Bills will be sent out by Star Management.
The Board would also like to remind members that each unit is responsible for insuring their own unit from the outside and inside. Each unit is also responsible for sending “Star Management” proof of insurance. Some suggestions were made that entire buildings might get a better rate to pool if they use the same insurance company. The Board will also be researching the possibility of having an insurance company cover all outside units.
* New irrigation pump filter not to exceed $2100
            *Cost of labor for new pool heater $720.
            *Landscape material not to exceed $1500.
            *4 Benches not to exceed $3000.
            *Pickle Ball lines to be repainted not to exceed $500.
            *New Fire alarm panel: $2389.43
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